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Fitness Friday!

Welcome to Fitness Friday with Lauren Leboeuf!

We will be posting new workouts every Friday to encourage your healthy lifestyle and help keep you motivated! 

Hey everyone my name is Lauren Lebouef! I am currently a model and social media influencer in San Diego California with a passion for many things including fitness! Valleau Apparel was one of my first real modeling jobs and I will never forget it! Ever since then, I have been in love the designs of Katie's sports bras and the comfortable confidence they give me! Today i'll be walking you through this abdominal workout wearing the Lotus sport bra in Floral Ice (one of my faves!) The workout is also listed below the video if you want to tackle it right away! 


  1. Warmup: walk hands down to push up position (5x)
  2. Hip dips, side to side (7 each side)
  3. Weighted toe touch crunch (10x)
  4. Over head leg and arm extension (15x)
  5. Russian twists (10 per side)
  6. Bicycle crunch with straight leg (10 each side)
  7. Leg raises (15x)
  8. Pushup position knee taps (10)

If you guys enjoyed this video make sure to head over to my Instagram and Youtube channel where you can follow along with my photo shoots and fitness videos there! 

Thanks for working out with me! Let me know in the comments what types of workouts you'd like to see next! 
Lauren Lebouef

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  • thank you so much for having me on the blog! :)

    Lauren Kelly LeBouef

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